Anti Termite Treatment

This service is for killing / destroying live infestation & to prevent future Termite infestations.

This service is provided under following categories:

  • Post – Construction Anti Termite Treatment We carry out this treatment for already existing building structure to kill / destroy live infestations & to prevent future attack by termites.
  • Under comprehensive Post – Construction anti termite treatment, we do single treatment with valid “protection warranty” for many years depending upon the structure of the building.

  • Pre – Construction anti termite treatment This is anti-termite treatment before & during construction of a building structure.
  • Under Pre – Construction anti termite treatment, we do single time treatment with valid “protection warranty” for many years depending upon the structure of the building.
  • Termite control for lawns & open area This service is required to kill & prevent termite infestation in the open areas (under the sky) such as lawns, garden, camping sites etc. Generally this service is required on a regular basis to kill & control termites.


Gel Treatment for Cockroaches

This is a complete hassle fee & quite safe Pest Control technique. We apply a wonder gel in dot shapes at various locations such as drawers, cabinets, under the sink, gas stoves, refrigerator, other kitchen appliances, coffee machines etc.

You need not to vacate your kitchen for pest control. However, it takes 7-10 days to get desired results. Slowly & gradually your place (be it kitchen, home or office) will be cockroach free.

Note: Make sure that you don’t spray / use any insecticides etc in the treated area, after our gel treatment for best results.


Disinfestation Services

This is for the control of most household crawling pests such as cockroaches, ants, silver fishes, spiders, carpet insects, black & red ants and to some extent lizards.

We use WHO approved odourless new generation pesticides and gelling with long lasting residual effects.


Vector Control (for Mosquito & flies control)

This is for the control of flies & mosquito.

We treat the inside area of a building & it’s surrounding to control them in breeding (larval) stage and adult stage both.

Under this treatment, for inside the building, we use new generation odourless & stainless pesticides and apply a coating of water based chemical on the wall & other surfaces where Flying Insects sit such as Curtains, behind photo Frames, below the Furniture etc.

A single service is effective for 45-90 days.


Rodent Control

Rodent control is used to kill / remove rats & mice. Rodent being highly mobile creatures, they need systematic & planned strategy to control them. We imply various methods to get rid of rodents such as

Using non-poisonous materials

Using slow-poisonous baits

Using ultrasonic machines etc.

In fact, we act strategically by creating three lines of defence:-

Killing the pest in their nest itself i.e. doing burrow treatment

Baiting & trapping along the entry points in a building

Catching them on glue trap inside the false ceiling. We also help in locating & plugging the entry points for Rodents in a building.


Comprehensive Pest Management for residential societies

Starting from cockroaches, rodents, termites, honey bee to flies & mosquito – We undertake responsibility for complete pest management for any residential or institutional premises under AMC at a very nominal monthly rates.

Under AMC, we employ permanent staffs to residential societies / institution and take care of complete area including open area, common area, basement & flats.


Miscellaneous Services

We also treat for comparatively less occuring pest problems such as Bed Bugs, Wood Borers, Carpet Insects, Dog Mites & Ticks and Weed control.