Pesticides available with professional service providers are in highly concentrated form and we dilute it to prevent harmful effects of pesticides without disturbing their killing effect for the pest.
A complete no-no. This could be harmful for the inhabitants and the environment. These pesticides are safe only when we apply them in the desired dilution. Also, one bullet on the right target can kill a person and many bullets on the limbs may not kill.
Damages done by pest and insects to our health, reputation and property are the best guidelines.

However, to compare the cost of different service providers, you can ask for a cost analysis from them to decide the quality, nature of pesticides to be used and the mode of services.
In the pest control industry, the liability of the service provider against protection warranty is to provide you free of cost services for the rectification of your pest problem during the warranty period.
We use WHO approved pesticides with recommended dilution which is fatal to the body weight of pests and insects only and off course it is safe for kids and pets under normal use.
After sales support is the strongest forte of Max Guard Pestcon and we are liable to provide free of cost services for a pest problem occurring during the protection warranty period.
One pest control treatment lasts 30-1825 days, depending on the species of insect.
Sub-terranean species of termites are of the major enemies of wooden fixtures and furniture. These pest make their colonies below the ground and enter into the building along the masonry joints of the walls, through door frames embedded in the flooring, along the conduit and sanitary pipes, along the expansion joints and through cracks in slab joints of the flooring etc.
Yes, as termites need cellulose based articles such as wood, paper, cloth etc. to feed upon.
Call Us! The termite infestation which you notice is only the tip of an iceberg and the whole mountain is invisible to you.
Once inside the building, termites can damage and destroy all cellulose based articles such as wooden fixture and furniture, stationery, documents, carpets, curtains, cloths, and even insulation of telephone and electrical wiring and leather goods.
There are many factors that can affect the longevity of termite treatments including: structure of the building, weather conditions, the type of soil and physical disturbance of the treated site. Ideally, their effectiveness last for 1 to 7 years in case of getting comprehensive treatment.